Fact-Checking The Justice For Renters Act | Episode 280

Rent Control has been a topic repeatedly addressed on this program and rightfully so. It’s constantly brought up as a solution to address skyrocketing rent. Truth is that rent control has failed every time it's tried. And once again, Californians will be asked to vote on strict rent control measures being proposed under the guise of renters assistance. Andres lays out how the statewide rent cap work, what a rent stabilization ordinance actual is, and fact-checks the Justice For Renters Act.

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California Wants To Own All Of You | Episode 264

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Lawsuits, Moratoriums, Eminent Domain Updates For CA Property Owners | Episode 254

On this information heavy episode, I inform you of some changes in the battle for your property rights. It’s a mixed bag of good news and bad news.






JP Morgan Chase

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