Business & Real Estate

Ryan Paterson
President and CEO
Of Unplugged
Susan Shelley
VP of Communications Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association
John Cruikshank
Mayor Pro Tem, L.A. Supervisor 4th District Candidate
John Casmon
Entrepreneur, Host of Multifamily Insights Podcast
Rodney Powell
Texas Real Estate Broker,
and Author
Brandon Huber
REALTOR & Pastor of
Clinton Community Church
Matt Cady
Mortgage Broker at
Summit Lending
Natalie Stewart
President of FHA Review,
FHA Condo Approval Process
Chris Campos
Associate Broker at
Mark 1 Real Estate
Maya Bovshow
Operations Manager for
Trust Properties USA
Vanessa Ascencio
AKA Sasha
Former Social Media Manager
James Allen
The Out Of State Investor,
Property Flipper
Diego Martinez
California Political Candidate,
Radio Host
Chip Ahlswede, VP of External Affairs & David Cordero, Executive Director
Joani Weir
Founder, Long Beach
Property Owner

Health & Fitness

Mark “Oz” Geist
Former GRS, Hero & Survivor of Benghazi, Lybia Attacks
Joe Gallagher
CEO Of Truth Army Films
Lary Littlepage
Former Special Forces Operator & CEO of Ranger Candy Coffee
The Goat Farm
Homesteading &
Natural Skin Care Products
Brendon Fallon
Host Of Vital Signs On Epoch TV, The Epoch Times
Natasha Owens
Contemporary Music Singer
& Songwriter
Athena Shafiei
Iranian Artist
and Cosplayer
Shana Leigh
Certified Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Fitness Model
Harley (Xanthia Udo)
EMT, Gym Junkie,
Solo Adventurer
Adrian Ceja
Fitness & Nutrition Coach,
Wellness Speaker
Charity Harkins
Certified FASTer Way
Macro Coach
Priscilla Allen
Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Business Coach
Gisella Arata
Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Alternative & Holistic Health
Nate Kap
Host of ChubbyWhole Podcast
& Outcasting Podcast

Culture & Politics

Laura Loomer
Investigative Journalist
& Political Activist
Tiffany Meier
Investigative Journalist
Host of China In Focus
Dave Benton
Former GRS, Hero & Survivor of Benghazi, Lybia Attacks
Sarah Adams
Former CIA Targeter stationed In Benghazi, Lybia
Tommy Liberty
Retired U.S. Marine,
Host of Rucksack Radio
Retired U.S. Marine,
Cancer & Communism Survivor
William Hall
Political Commentator,
Host of The William Hall Show
Mindy Salinas
Chairwoman of The O.C.
Hispanic Republican Club
Sam Tavs
Former Computer Engineer, Photographer
Señor Filth
Commentator, Host Of The Critical Introverts Podcast
Justin Derby
Bible Apologetic
& Computer Programmer
Joel Circo
Host Of The Curious
Joel Podcast
Trevor Brown
Lead Editor of the Acropolis News Network
BeeZ Tollinger
Pop Art Cartoonist, creator of Splat Rabbit comic strip