Mark “Oz” Geist, founder of The Shadow Warriors Project
Priscilla Allen, Certified Health and Wellness Coach
Matt Cady, Summit Lending
Vanessa Ascencio (AKA Sasha Braus)
Trevor Brown, Lead Editor at Acropolis News Network
Chip Ahlswede, VP of External Affairs & David Cordero, Executive Director
Maya Bovshow, Operations Manager
Mindy Salinas, Chairwoman of The Orange County Hispanic Republican Club
Gisella Arata, NTP in Training
Natalie Stewart, President of FHA Review
Chris Campos, Associate Broker at Mark 1 Real Estate
Shana Leigh, Certified Personal Trainer
James Allen, The Out Of State Investor
Joani Weir, Founder
William Hall,
The William Hall Show
Pastor Brandon Huber,
Clinton Community Church
Sam Tavs, Photographer
Diego Martinez, California Gubernatorial Candidate