This post was first published to Substack May 22, 2023
Updated: December 14, 2023.

To review the book Loomered, I first need to talk about it’s author: Laura Loomer, quite literally the most banned woman in the world.

The mere mention of her name elicits one of two reactions:
1) Who?
2) She’s the worst!

You may not have heard of her because she was banned overnight from nearly all major Tech Platforms which included, but not limited to: social media, food delivery services, ride shares, banking, AirBnb.

Man, she must be the worst, right?

At first glance, you might think Leftists are the ones calling her the worst because of her work exposing some of the most powerful Democrats. Not so. The Right hates her too.

I recently asked a forum of Conservative members to one of the largest Conservative shows on the web about having Laura Loomer on the program. Someone that’s heard of her reacted in this way:

This is the typical response, and it’s sad people think that without looking into the truth.

Although, looking up the truth about her is a tall order too…

Google her name and get a list of hit pieces on her.

Look her up on Wikipedia and find that her page has been swarmed by trolls posting the worst things.

Laura’s detractors and haters love sharing awful photoshopped pictures of her, and a video of her meltdown on the Alex Jones’ program Info Wars after being banned just to add insult to injury.

Hollywood took their shots at her too. Originally a man in the comics, The Boys gendered swamped Stormfront, a Nazi character, and modeled her after Laura.

For the record, Laura is Jewish.

These accusations of white supremacy are baseless and ignorant. And they work, unfortunately. Especially when the victim cannot be allowed to defend herself. The smear campaigns eliminated revenue streams and job opportunities leaving her in a financial hole. Supposed friends were quick to use her influence then turn on her for political gain.

Without access to the public town squares, there was no way for her to tell her side of the story. No one in the mainstream press offered her a chance or cared for any vindication either.

Laura did have a presence on Twitter alternative platforms. Most of these platforms have the stigma of being “Alt Right” simply for allowing free speech not afforded on the Big Tech platforms. Well, check the comments on any of her posts and you’re guaranteed to find at least half of them attacking her.

What was her real crime that she deserved to be treated this way?

Well, in a nutshell, she confronted powerful people. The kind of people that don’t like their dirty laundry aired out. The kind of people that have friends in high places or are in positions of influence.

For five years, there was no way for her to push back against all the lies, the smears, the libel, the slander, and defamation hurled her way. Her book changes that.

Book cover linked to Amazon

Loomered: How I Became The Most Banned Woman In The World, chronicles her investigative career, provides behind-the-scenes commentary on some of her most publicized exposés and political confrontations (known as being #Loomered), and gives Laura the opportunity to set the record straight.

While in Loomered she does highlight meeting James O’Keefe, her time at Project Veritas, confronting Hillary Clinton, then-FBI Director James Comey, and the famous handcuffing protest at the Twitter Headquarters, the two biggest draws of the book for me where the chapters on the Las Vegas Shooting, and the personal insight into her family upbringing. Spoiler alert, it wasn’t a normal childhood.

In the book, we get to be inside her mind to understand what she went through, how she felt, and the price she had to pay for her courage.

I knew of and followed Laura Loomer’s work prior to her erasure from Big Tech. As time went on without hearing or seeing anything from her, she faded from memory. That is until one day I decided to leave Twitter to try out other platforms. I first landed on Parler then gave Gab a try. It was on Gab that I found Laura again. There she was still doing investigative journalism. Despite her limited reach, Laura kept on pushing through the hardships, the psychological trauma, and financial strains.

She eventually announced the release of her book. One look at the Table of Contents and I knew I needed to get it. So I did. I immediately posted about it to Parler and mentioned her on the post. Laura noticed and reposted it. When Gettr came along, Laura and I connected through there again. I was DMing her snippets of the book as I was reading, and she provided active feedback and expanded commentary on it. This made for a much more personal read of the book.

Snippet from her book I shared with Laura.

In her book, she talks about Big Tech’s mission to erase her from existence. That could not be more true. All of her reporting and media were stored online. It was there one day and gone in an instant when the major tech companies colluded and banned her account simultaneously. All her life’s work vanished.

Her chapter on The Las Vegas Shooting at the Mandalay Bay coverage reminded me that she was the journalist covering it all! That’s when it hit me: if someone like me that followed her work can eventually forget, how many others did?

The Powers That Be wanted Laura Loomer to fade into obscurity, to be forgotten with the sands of time.

It almost worked.

And then Elon Musk bought Twitter.

Not long after closing on his purchase of Twitter, Elon gave amnesty to many accounts previously banned. Laura Loomer’s account was among those restored. Her media and content right where she left it!

By the way, I got to talking about this when she came on my podcast.

Seeing Laura active on Twitter (now known as X) again – and crushing it with reports dealing with election integrity and political intrigue – feels like a terrible wrong has been righted. Still, the damage done to her remains which is why she’s currently in a legal battle with X formerly known as Twitter, and other Big Tech companies.

Meanwhile, X followers questioned why she had disappeared from Twitter, Facebook, et al. It’s like these “followers” were living under a rock, but that’s what Big Tech wanted so I can’t entirely blame them for not knowing any better.

Lately, Laura has been exposing fake Conservative Republicans. To no one’s surprise, the Republican Establishment has come down on her labeling her a Democrat shill. (By the way, the Democrats still hate her with a passion.)

Laura is not going to win any popularity contests. Not like she cares about that. Laura remains true to her convictions and calls out the frauds, the criminals, and the corrupt wherever they are found. In the process, more and more people are starting to see that she was and is right on numerous issues. More importantly, she’s ahead of the curve on major topics.

Laura Loomer is not what the media make her out to be. She is very much an important voice out there worth paying attention to. Laura is fighting for truth and justice not only for herself, but for all proud Americans.

Part history book, part journalism, part autobiography, I encourage anyone from Left, Right and Center curious about Laura to buy her book Loomered, and learn just how exactly she became The Most Banned Woman In The World.

If this book review has read more like a piece on the author herself, well, that’s because like the book, it is.

While you’re here, Laura Loomer is publishing her journalism to Locals! You can subscribe to her here.

P.S. I realized that I finalized this article on her birthday! Laura, if you’re reading this, Happy Birthday! =)

Check out my interview with her on Rumble!

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