Here is my review of Erik Prince’s Unplugged Phone!

This was not an easy review to do. Many people will not understand what this phone actually is and why it’s not a Samsung Galaxy or iPhone. Unlike other devices that came before promising to be the “best phones in the the world,” The Unplugged Phone instead markets itself as not a Google or iPhone.

And that’s a good thing.

For my comprehensive review, I broke it down into three segments:
1) What Is A non-Google Android Phone?
2) The Unplugged Phone Device Review
3) Can Unplugged Succeed Where Others Have Failed?

Below are the chapter titles and corresponding time markers. This review is best viewed on YouTube, BitChute, Odysee and X to take advantage of the timestamps. The review is also up on Rumble and Spotify but timestamps are not yet supported.

0:00 Intro: To The Techies, Spec Heads & Normies
1:59 SECTION I: Degoogled Phones and Custom ROMs
7:50 The Competitive Space
12:46 The Unplugged Phone Specs
12:51 LibertOS Walkthrough
15:03 The UP App Suite
15:21 The UP App Store
15:50 App Experience Without Play Services
17:57 UP Customer Service App
19:56 SECTION II: UP Phone Review
20:02 Using Smart Wearables On Degoogled Devices
21:17 Music Streaming Apps
21:59 Unplugged’s Privacy Center And Security
25:06 Advertising ID
25:54 Gaming On UP Phone & Benchmarks
26:50 Does It Work On Verizon?
27:31 UP Camera Test
29:46 Unplugged Phone Pros
33:31 Unplugged Phone Cons
36:57 SECTIONIII: The Bottomline
41:00 Closing Thoughts
41:57 Disclaimer And Sign Off

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