I had my concerns about the direction of the show long before it was even funded on Kickstarter. I tuned in between seasons 2 & 3. In this first video essay, I respond to criticisms of the show,

Shortly after the season 3 trailer dropped, a firestorm erupted over the usage of a phase the Christ character uses. “I Am The Law Of Moses.” This became a concern for many theologians in the evangelical community fearing the show was committing heresy. Dallas Jenkins initially appeared to mock the concerns. In this second video, I address all of that.

In this third video, I follow up the previous one after the comments that sparked the fire were walked back. I, on the hand, doubled-down.

This is far from over. All believers like me can hope for is for showrunner Dallas Jenkins to focus on the mission not on style point. We’ll see how it all plays out.

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