SYNOPSIS: In a rent-controlled world, how do you collect above-market rental rates when there is a Rent Cap in place? The truth is, you can’t…unless you vacate a unit legally by completing “substantial improvements.” How do you determine if a unit warrants substantial improvement?

Bottom Line – I want to help landlords obtain maximum cash-flow (especially in a rent-controlled market). In my opinion, owning multi-family investments should be extremely financially rewarding, while at the same time not be overly consuming of your time. Second, by completing these types of improvements, when it is time to sell, a buyer will happily over-pay for your property because your rental rates & the condition of the property justifies above-market pricing!!! -Kristopher German, The Apartment Dealer

EDITOR’S NOTE: This is not a promoted post. This is great information from Kristopher German. He’s insightful and is producing some unique content I believe will be beneficial to my core audience.

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