A few of months ago, my wife got me a pair of goat milk soaps.

I didn’t care much to use them as I learned to live with my sensitive skin. I also preferred the scent to the major brand body washes I used. But the soaps were a thoughtful gift. It wouldn’t hurt to use them, I said to myself. So I did.

In one short week, I noticed a major difference on my skin for the better. Rashes were disappearing. Skin was less irritable. That inspired me to buy more soaps.

As a small business owner myself, I always prefer to support small businesses. I came across The Goat Farm on Gab and decided to give them a try.

After quickly and safely receiving my package, I opened it to be greeted by the wonderful scents and beautiful soap preserver. The preserver is important since one of the major drawbacks I’ve noticed with natural soaps is their tendency to melt away very quickly.

I enjoyed using the soaps that I ordered more bars of soap, natural liquid castile soap, and deodorant.

This deodorant is the first natural deodorant that has not irritated my skin! Up until now I relied on Dove and Axe for my deodorant, but the ingredients concerned me. Now that I’ve tried deodorant from The Goat Farm for a few weeks, It’s safe for me to say I’m not going back to the big brands after this experience!

Give The Goat Farm Skin Care products a try! They offer a variety of soaps from non-scented, to essential oil infused, etc. Soap preservers are a MUST for natural soaps and goat milk bars are no different.

The products sell out quickly and often so if you see something, get it while you can or you’ll be waiting in line!

The Goat Farm Skin Care

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