California has a statewide rent cap limiting how much a property owner can raise rent annually. Certain cities have existing Rent Stabilization Ordinances, also known as, Rent Control. Some of those cities have had rent control for decades.

The list of cities enacting their own RSOs has been growing a lot more since the signing of AB 1482 and the Endemic Lockdowns.

With all the existing rent control zones and the statewide rent caps, rents are still the highest in the country and housing supply remains limited. More on the latter part another time. For now, please watch this excellent summary for as to How Rent Control Hurts Renters.

It’s like I always said, “Rent Control has failed every time it’s tried.” So why keep pushing for it if it doesn’t do what it’s intended to do?

This would be why:

Oppose rent control every time it’s brought up.

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