The following is an email sent from the Shadow Warriors Project. As owner and editor of The Andres Segovia Show, and an active supporter of the Shadow Warriors Project, I took it upon myself to share this letter with you all.

[My Fellow American,]

Here at Shadow Warriors Project, we strive to create a better everyday life for as many American contractors and their families as possible.

Our organization began when I returned home from a mentally and physically damaging operation. Shadow Warriors Project seeks to become the support system that I never had during my own battle for recovery.

Krystal and I know firsthand how hard it can be to recover from those wounds — mentally and physically … not just for the person returning home, but for those they are coming home to.

Shadow Warriors Project is dedicated to the support of private military security contractors, conducting paramilitary security operations in some of the world’s most dangerous areas. It is the only charity of its kind.

By easing the load of these injured warriors, it allows them to focus on healing as an individual, as well as the family unit.

Would you stand with us in this important work?


Thank you for supporting families who are dealing with the financial hardships by lifting the burden of the load so they can focus on healing — mind, body and spirit.

We can’t do what we do without your faithful support!

Mark Geist
Shadow Warriors Project

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